The Minimalist Computer Desk Everyone in Your Office Will Love

We write a lot on this blog about using our minimalist computer desk in a home office setting. But what if you’re a small business owner looking to outfit an office with multiple desks for your team of employees? There are so many options out there for minimalist computer desks. How do you narrow down your choices? First of all, why would you want minimalist desks for your office? If you’re like most businesses, your employees don’t need a lot of storage in their desks. They’re often using only a computer to complete their daily tasks, so desks with multiple drawers or filing cabinets are often not necessary. Second, minimalist desks take up less space than traditional office desks. They are also typically very cost-effective. What should you look for in office desks? Here are some things to consider that will help you find the best minimalist computer desks for your staff.


You should start your search by looking for something that is durable. Not every employee will treat their office furniture carefully, so you want to make sure that any desks you purchase are well constructed and made from quality materials. If you take a look at our minimalist computer desk, which we call Desk A, you’ll see that it is made with the highest quality .5” Baltic Birch with a Maple veneer. The materials we use are thicker and stronger than those used in your average computer desk. The desktop is finished with a durable UV coating, which protects the surface and makes it easy to keep clean.


Of course, as you’re shopping for desks for your employees, price will be a consideration. While no employer wants to spend more than they have to on office furniture, buying the cheapest desks you can find is not typically the best idea (unless you want to be buying cheap desks again and again as they break or wear out). Instead, look for desks that are a good value. When compared to other minimalist computer desks of comparable quality, ours is very competitively priced.

Available Accessories

You may also want to look for any add-ons that are available with a desk. Not every employee in your office will have the same needs. For example, some employees may prefer a standing desk. At RLDH, we offer various sizes and styles of standing desk converters that can be placed on top of our minimalist computer desk. Your employees may also like our side table attachment, which will give them more room for needed items, like an additional computer screen. You can also purchase a monitor riser with each desk, which can raise a computer screen to a higher level, if needed. These products use the same quality materials as Desk A, for a perfect match.

If you need help finding the perfect products for your office, let us know! You can contact us through the chat feature on the bottom of your screen, and we will happily answer any questions you may have!