Shopping for a Minimalist Desk on Amazon? Try This American-Made One Instead

The world of Amazon is an amazing place! You can shop for pretty much anything you can think of, and many of the products on the site can be delivered to your doorstep in two short days. There are a lot of reasons to love Amazon, but it’s not always the best choice for every purchase.

We recently did a search on Amazon for “minimalist desk,” since this is one of our top products here at RLDH. Here are some of the things we found after doing this search. 

First of all, we saw some false advertising. One of the desks we saw had the words “solid wood desk” in the title, but when you click on it and read the description, you’ll find that the desk actually has a wood veneer top. There’s nothing wrong with a high-quality wood veneer desktop, but if you say you are selling a “solid wood” desk, most people expect that the top will be made from solid wood. 

On another product, the seller claims to use formaldehyde-free materials—which is great! At RLDH, we also sell products made from materials that are free from harmful chemicals. However, when you read the reviews for this product, a buyer reports that the product came with a warning sticker saying that the product contains formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical.

Apparently, on Amazon, you can make all kinds of false claims, and it’s up to the buyer to really research if they are true or not. Or the buyer has to just hope for the best and find out when the product is delivered if the claims made by the seller are actually true. 

See our version of a minimalist desk, which we call “Desk A”

At RLDH, we stand behind all of our claims about our products. Our minimalist desks are made from CARB-compliant materials, which means they are free from formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. They are also made from the highest quality Maple and Baltic birch core available, making them sturdy and durable. Our claims are backed up by our unanimous five-star customer reviews. Here’s what one of those reviewers had to say: 

“A wonderful piece that I believe will stand the test of time. I am incredibly picky when it comes to furniture and would much rather spend a few extra dollars to get a quality item from a real artist/craftsman, this is what you're getting here. It's a great piece that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful.”

  • Aine R.

Then there’s the issue of where the product is made. Many of the minimalist desks sold on Amazon are made in China and then shipped across the ocean to buyers in the United States. At RLDH, our minimalist desks are proudly designed and built in the United States. We ship them out to our customers directly from our shop in Southern California. 

If you have any questions about any of our products, including our minimalist desk, contact us at RLDH using the chat feature at the bottom of this page.