From design dreams to design reality


Furniture making has always been in my family. My father had his own furniture shop in Mexico and he did pretty well for him self, enough to maintain us and give us a great life. Oddly he never wanted me to be part of it, he always pushed me to go to collage and get a degree. Ultimately the outsourcing of furniture overseas put my Father out of business, I believe he knew what was coming reason why he pushed me in a different direction. 

My interest has always been modern design, me and my wife bought a 1970 house and we decided to transform it. The transformation began with a cedar fence, made it, took a picture and uploaded it on to Houzz, just to see what people thought. 4000 likes later and I thought well what else can I make. 

Our son was just born, and just like my Father did I made him a crib well actually I made him two. Everyone who stopped by could not believe I made them they thought I had bought them. 

At this point in life I had a great job in a great corporation, but for some reason It just did not feel right. I think my Father's genes just could not stand having me trapped in an office. So i decided to quit my job and start doing what I love.

Opened up RLDH and released my first official project, Tablio. Had a successful campaign and decided to launch another for our Alto Stand. 

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All our products merge modern equipment with traditional woodworking techniques aesthetics and a functionality are key in each design.

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Rodolfo Lozano