Pairing Our Minimalist Desk with a Standing Desk Converter

If you’re just getting started with your minimalist office setup, the first thing you are probably looking to purchase is a desk. You may have even landed on our website because you did a Google search for “minimalist desk” or “minimalist computer desk.” Now that you’re here, we’d love to introduce you to our popular Desk A, which is the quintessential minimalist desk that looks great in just about any space. All on its own, it is a beautiful, functional piece that will give you a dedicated space from which you can work or study from home.

Another great option is to pair Desk A with one of our standing desk converters. This gives you the ability to stand while you work by placing your computer at a higher level. Standing while you work is much better for your health than the alternative—sitting for eight hours per day—and has been shown to produce benefits such as less back pain and greater productivity. Our best-selling option is the Alto Standing Desk Converter, which comes in multiple size options. It is very compact and easy to store when not in use. Some of our customers even take it with them on business trips, since it folds flat and can be placed right in your suitcase without taking up too much room. 

To find the size option that’s best for you, you just need to select the size that corresponds with your height (small, medium, large, XL, or XXL) and then choose the width that works best with the size of your laptop. If you need help selecting the right size, you can always contact us using the chat feature on any of our product pages, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We have several other standing desk converters available, but the Alto Standing Desk Converter is our most compact option and the one we would recommend for use with our minimalist computer desk. 

Both Desk A and the Alto Standing Desk Converter are made from the same high-quality Maple and Baltic birch core, so they match perfectly. This will help give your office area a more cohesive look when the two pieces are used together. By purchasing both products from RLDH, you also know that you are getting furniture made with CARB-compliant materials that are free from formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. In addition, they are sturdy, well made, and finished with a UV coating that keeps the surfaces protected. Read the reviews on both of these products to see what people who are actually using them on a daily basis have to say.

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