The best standing desk converter for your digital nomad life

We all know that sitting at a desk for hours on end isn't good for us. It's bad for our backs, and it makes us more tired than we would be if we were standing up. But what about when we're traveling? How can we keep our posture in check when we have limited space and no permanent workstation? The answer is simple: portable standing desks!

When we are at home or at our office we spend our days sitting at a desk or standing desk set up exactly as we like it. Either way, it’s important to make sure that if you do spend time at your standing desk that it is set up correctly and comfortable for long periods of time.

The problem is when we travel, in many case you may be stuck with what you have, this can mean using a hotel room desk or even sitting on the floor. Both options are likely uncomfortable and will cause back pain after an hour or so of use.

The best standing desk converter for travel is one that transforms from a traditional workstation into a ergonomically laptop-friendly setup (or vice versa), allowing you to travel from place to place without having to worry about finding somewhere comfortable to work on your computer.

You can find many laptop stands or laptop risers or amazon that are foldable or portable but the question you want to ask yourself is, are these ergonomic? will they place my laptop at the correct height for working extended time? more than likely this is not the case. 

Well now there's something that can solve this problem and give everyone their own personal standing desk whether they're at home or on the go: Alto stand The Best Standing Desk Converter For Your Digital Nomad Life! If you travel for work, don't get stuck making do with the hotel furniture available at each stop make sure to plan ahead. 

 Don't take it from us read our latest review from an experienced digital nomad. 


Amazing product... even better service.

"As a digital nomad and lover of all things ergonomic and keeping my body pain-free, this thing is a godsend. If I don't have a standing desk, I have noticeable pain in my shoulders, neck, back, etc. (you name it).

As a constant traveler, finding places to work ergonomically for 8+ hours is a nightmare... you can only sit with your neck angled down at your laptop on a wooden chair with a small dining table in an Airbnb for so long.. this product solves all these issues. Quit spending hours looking for an Airbnb with a dedicated workspace and a high-quality chair... just condition your body to stand for long periods of time (your back will thank you).

This product is a fantastic solution that fits in a checked luggage bag and is lightweight. Simple construction that you can tell will last a long, long time. I love my ALTO STANDING DESK!

Last but not least, the customer service was fantastic.The product alone without a doubt deserves a review, but I wanted to highlight his part in my wonderful experience.

Now, time to get back to packing and traveling the world! (Ergonomically, of course ;))"



The Alto standing desk converter is the perfect way to mix up your routine when you're working from home, in a coffee shop, or on the go on the road. They're affordable and easy to use—and even easier to pack away when you need to move locations. 

A standing desk converter is an excellent tool for combating back pain and poor posture.  They aren’t perfect, but they’re far better than sitting all day. In addition to our popular Alto stand laptop standing desk converter we also offer several more options that may work for you here

Portable standing desks are a great way to improve your posture and keep your workspace ergonomic no matter where you are. The Alto Laptop Stand is one of the best standing desk converters on the market. You can see how more than 200 users agree with this on our review section.