Solid Wood Laptop Stand Puts Your Computer at the Perfect Angle

If you use a desktop computer, you have the option of purchasing a product like an ergonomic keyboard, which can help you achieve the best typing position. However, standard laptops don’t have the option of an ergonomic keyboard, so laptop users need to do other things to protect themselves from injury.

Using the word “injury” may sound dramatic to some. After all, you’re typing on a computer, not engaging in a dangerous activity that can cause immediate harm. But typing incorrectly over a period of time can cause lasting damage to your neck, back, wrists, and/or hands. So, what is a regular laptop user to do?

First and foremost, you need to evaluate the position in which you use your laptop most often. Do you often find yourself working in bed or on the couch with your laptop on your lap? Do you sit at a desk or table? How are your arms positioned when typing? Where is your laptop screen in relation to your eyes? 

Ideally, your laptop screen should be at eye level. When your laptop is placed directly on your lap, the screen will typically be below eye level. This will cause you to either bend your neck or hunch over slightly from your back, which can take a toll over time. Having your laptop sit on your lap likely also means that your elbows will be spread out away from your body in order to type. This affects the position of your wrists in a way that can cause pain and damage over time. 

While occasionally using your laptop while seated on your couch, in a chair, or while in bed isn’t likely to incur long term damage, regular use can. A better option is to make sure your laptop is properly positioned. This can be done easily by using a laptop stand on top of a standard desk or table, like our wood laptop stand.

Learn more about our uniquely designed wood laptop stand and see photos of it in action!

This wood laptop stand, made from solid Walnut, places your laptop in a more ergonomic position. It elevates your screen to eye level and angles your keyboard to allow you to type with your elbows close to your sides and your wrists in a neutral position (not bent in an unnatural way). 

Not only is our wood laptop stand a more ergonomic option for laptop use, but it is also beautifully designed. It won’t detract from the design of your office space. Rather, it will enhance it. Its shape is elegant and stylish, and the stand is made from solid Walnut, which has a beautiful grain to it. The wood is sanded to a smooth finish, so it is easy to keep clean. 

You can learn more about our wood laptop stand by visiting our product page. On that page, you can see photos, as well as get information about pricing, shipping, and more.