Portable wood laptop tray from RLDH Makes a Great Christmas Gift

portable laptop tray


When considering what to give friends and family for Christmas, smart gift-givers consider not only what their loved ones say they want, but also the things they will use long after the gift wrap has been taken away by the trash company. Useful gifts may not always be the most exciting to give or receive, but they are often the most appreciated in the long run.

If you have someone in your life who spends long hours on their laptop (either for work or pleasure), a great gift idea is a portable wood laptop tray made from premium bamboo.

So why would someone need a wood laptop table? Aren’t laptops made to be used on… laps? Well, yes and no. You can certainly use a laptop on your lap, but you’ll start to pay the price after a while. After a while, the heat from the laptop will burn your legs and it will be very uncomfortable to continue working. Additionally, although laptops have fans to avoid the laptop from overheating our bamboo laptop special vents will allow air to circulate maintaining your laptop at ultimate temperature for best performance.

portable laptop tray

You can find several portable wood laptop tables out there but non with the option of having additional trays. Our laptop table expands to accommodate your mouse and phone allowing you to work comfortably from anywhere.

Take a look at our stylish portable laptop tray—Perfect for any home or office!

Unlike some of the cheaper wood laptop stands on the market, ours is made using quality construction techniques and premium bamboo that’s eco-friendly, dent and scratch-resistant. It has beautiful brown tones and a tight grain. The bamboo is sanded and coated to a smooth finish, making it easy to keep clean.

The minimalist design and clean lines of our bamboo laptop tray make it perfect for any home or office. We also have coordinating desk accessories, such as charging stations and iPhone and Apple watch docks, and more, to complete an organized workstation setup. You can find these items under the Essentials tab on our website.

So instead of giving your hard-working friends and family members gifts that they won’t use or appreciate, give them something they can use every day. Something that will give their home or office a stylistic upgrade.

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