We designed the Alto X for customers who wanted a bit more flexibility in the way they position their keyboard and monitor on a standing desk converter. The Alto X gives users the ability to position the shelves at the perfect heights. The computer monitor can be placed at the optimum height for viewing and the keyboard, mouse, and/or drawing tablet in a position that’s best for comfortable typing—which will help reduce both neck strain, wrist strain, and other discomforts associated with long days at the computer. The shelves are easily adjustable, so if multiple people share the same space (or if you choose to wear your 3-inch heels to work some days), you can easily move the shelves up or down to accommodate.

The Walnut veneer on the Alto X Walnut gives this standing desk converter a rich, traditional look that coordinates well with many styles of interior décor. Its smooth finish makes it easy to keep clean and the quality of the materials ensure that it will look great and remain sturdy through many years of use.

We accept multiple forms of payment for the Alto X Walnut standing desk converter, including Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay. With PayPal and Shop Pay, you can even pay in four equal installments, if you so choose.