What are the benefits of using the alto stand?

Alto stand allows you to work in a standing position through out the day. Its simple design allows you to transition quickly between sitting or standing. Its important to balance your work day by combining siting and standing through out the day. 

Is alto stand easy to assemble?

Very easy, no screws are required you can assemble in seconds. See our video at the end of the page. 

Why do you offer different sizes?

In order to offer the best solution for each user we decided to match your stand to your height. That way you get the most compact option for your specific needs. No need to get a larger stand if you don't need it. It also makes it easier to travel with your stand. 

If you are unsure what size to order feel free to reach us via Chat and we will be happy to recommend the best size for you. If the size you selected did not work for you we can swap it for another size.